Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ginger Solution

A ginger bath is one of my favorite and effective ways to sooth sore muscles after an intense work out.  It's inexpensive, super easy, and has so many benefits.  Here's what you need to know:


  1. A pot of water.
  2. A bath tub
  3. Medium-Large sized ginger root.
  4. Cheese cloth or a mesh cloth.
  5. Rubber band.

  1. Bring the pot of boiling water.
  2. While the water is heating up slice ginger into thin pieces.
  3. Once the water has come to a boiling point add the ginger (all of it.)
  4. Let boil for about ten minutes with lid on to keep in the moisture.
  5. Strain the water I recommend saving the liquid in a pitcher or container (I will tell you why later.)
  6. Place the boiled ginger on the cloth and tie it together with the rubber band.
  7. Place the sachet in your bath water.
  8. Sit in the bath an relax!

When you get into the bath it may feel "hotter" than expected; this is due to the nature of the ginger.  Ginger is a spice and will cause the body internally and externally to sweat.  This sweating not only relaxes the muscles, but also helps to detox the body.

Why did I keep the ginger water?
  1. In the mornings pour the liquid into a shot glass, and shoot it down.  The ginger helps detox and feels great on sore throats.
  2. Add the liquid to your favorite tea.
  3. My personal favorite:  Heat the liquid (to the temperature you would drink tea) add some local honey, and enjoy.  I love how this tastes, and is my favorite remedy to get over colds.  Once again the ginger will help flush out any toxins that may be causing you to feel ill and the local honey will help build your body's immunity to local strains of bacteria and allergens.

Other options for ginger bath/ Uses for ginger:
  1. If you are pressed for time you can sprinkle ground ginger, that you would find in the spice section of your local grocery store, directly into your bath.
  2. You can use pre-cooked ginger (like they have on the side of your favorite sushi dish) and then follow steps 6-8.
  3. If a bath isn't your style you can use the sachet of ginger as a compress and apply directly to the areas that are sore.
  4. After a long day on your feet use the ginger bath solution as a foot soak.

I hope you find the ginger bath as helpful and relaxing as I do, and if you know any other cool things to do with ginger please leave a comment.  I'd love hear your ginger remedy!


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