Monday, January 17, 2011

Ke Kino Institute

Saturday I had the chance to visit Ke Kino Institute, and receive a massage from one of their very talented students.  I brought my friend who also had the opportunity to be a massage dummy.  It was amazing!

I get massages frequently, and finding a good massage therapist is like trying to find a good hairdresser, it's just not that easy.  I was impressed the second I walked in.  The building had a welcoming feel and those working were kind and ready to help.

I received my massage from Wally Sagui, and my friend got her massage from Juliette Conti-Cottrell, who I have had the pleasure of indulging in her services before.  The two of them will be great massage therapists, although they have two very different styles.

Wally Sagui is very talented in his ability to stretch the body.  He has a softer touch, but knows how to lengthen out tight muscles.  After an hour with him I felt refreshed and stress free.  Juliette Conti-Cottrell on the other hand is very strong working deep into the muscles.  Her ability to penetrate even the deepest of knots is amazing, and I recommend her to all those with pain caused from tension.

I recommend them both in full confidence in their abilities, and know that they will improve as they get more work.  They both start their internship at Ke Kino Institute this February, so if you are looking to indulge while keeping an eye on your pocket book check them out!  Prices start at just $35.00, a great deal for such pampering.

Hope you enjoy their services as much as I do, and if you have any feedback or comments on Ke Kino Institute please share!


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