Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seeing Your Breath (...and not because it's cold outside)

This week's meditation is a simple visualization technique that I have found to be very helpful in dealing with feelings of stress and anxiety.

The visualization:

Get started in your basic meditation seat (if you are new to meditation refer to my previous post on meditation.)

When the breath has become more relaxed focus your attention on the exhalations.  With every exhale of breath visualize a thick black smoke.  Imagine that with the black smoke all the stress and anxiety and negative emotions that you carry day to day are leaving the body.

Then turn your focus to the inhalations.  Visualize a pure, white light entering through the nostrils filling the body with joy, happiness and relaxing warmth.  Watch the light move through out the entire body rejuvenating the body.

Keep going back and forth, watching the thick black smoke disappear into the distance, and then filling the body with cleansing breaths.

As you continue with this meditation notice how the chest and shoulders feel lighter, and less constrained.

Through this practice I hope that you find that your worries melt away, and situations you once found upsetting become more manageable.




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