Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last week our focus was on "what" type questions.  Asking your deep self what it is that you wanted may have brought up some feelings and desires you weren't even aware of.  This week I want us to ask:


Why do I desire/not desire ____?  Why do I need/don't need_____?

Keep asking why these desires showed up in your subconscious mind.  Often we make decisions based on the expectations of others, worrying that it may upset them.  Sometimes we ignore our instincts so as not to change.  What ever the reason, it's probably time to look at what our hearts are trying to tell us, and take action.

Before I continue I would like to point our that there are two common types of desires.

  1. Material-I desire a new car, I desire a new dress, etc. etc.
  2. Non-Material-I desire a new career, I desire a healthier body, I desire a spiritual practice, etc.

I recommend you focus your energy on the non-material desires as our wants in purchased goods are fleeting and without any real consequence.

Why ask why?

We question our desires because it will eventually lead us to a solution.  It forces us to go deeper into our hearts and will illuminate the root causes of our feelings.

For example, last week in meditation you discovered you wanted a new job.  This week in meditation you ask: Why do I want a new job?  Slowly, answers like "I don't believe in the product," "I want to do something that helps/changes the world,"  or "I want more time with my family."

As you question why your heart desires something you can make small changes to remedy your feelings of discontent.

Continue asking "why" through out the week, and you may be surprised at how some small changes could make a big difference in your daily life.

This part of the meditation is to provide you with the tools to asses and change parts of your life that may be causing you discomfort.  Remember, listen to your heart it is like a river; to swim against the current is exhausting, but to float with the stream is with out suffering.


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