Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Meditation Is Terrifying, and How To Get Over It!

When I was working on my yoga certification one of my instructors, Tej Monga, told me a story to help me better understand the idea behind meditation.

There was a village woman who had lost her diamond ring, and started searching the grassy area in front of her home.  A friend had noticed her frantic searching and came to her aid.  Slowly more and more villagers came to help in the search.  Together they searched the grass and had not found what they were looking for.  Finally someone stood up and said "In what area did you lose the ring?"  The woman replied, "I lost it inside my home."  The villager then asked why she was searching for the ring outside when she knew it was inside.  Her reply "well it is dark inside."

This story illustrates the point and fear of meditation.  All the answers are with in ourselves, but when we close our eyes and confront ourselves the darkness may be overwhelming.  In meditation we must shut out all outside stimulation; this is no easy task as we have worked so hard to distract ourselves from the issues that reside in the deepest corner of our hearts.  We have built up walls and disconnected our mind to avoid dealing with things that make us uncomfortable.

Our task this week:  "Soul Searching"

Start off in your basic meditation, and take a few breaths before you begin.  When you feel more centered begin by asking the simple question:  What is it I really want?"  Do this every day.  "What is it I really want?"  What is it I really want?"

After you ask this question be quiet and listen.  You may be surprised by what your heart says, and it might even be alarming.  The answers you receive may be simple like "I want to be healthy"  or it may be more shocking like "I need a new career."  Don't be discouraged by whatever it is you hear just listen this week, and we will worry about confronting these desires in next week's meditation.

Om Shanti.


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