Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving Outward, To Return Inward

Meditation is a tool in which the observer turns their eyes inwards to discover truths, release bonds, and hopefully find a path of inner peace.  As I have mentioned in past posts, many of us get lost looking for answers in outside stimulation often believing that people, money, and things bring us joy.

In addition to our practice of introspection I would like to suggest a self assignment that actually requires us to turn our gaze outward.

Look closely at individual aspects of the universe and you will discover conflict.  But look at the universe as a whole and you will find balance and harmony. - A Thousand Paths to Tranquility, David Baird

This quote resonated and inspired me to pay attention to the relationships and characteristics that exist in nature.  Like many writers, artists, and philosophers, I too (and hopefully you) found a new perspective of myself and the world in which I live in.  There are many lessons that are taught by trees, birds, water, and all things that not only exists, but coexists, in nature.
Be in harmony with nature, nature does not possess fear and without fear, the heart may be quiet.  Be in harmony with nature, nature does not possess hate and without hate, the heart may be quiet.  Be in harmony with nature, nature does not possess envy and without envy, the heart may be quiet. - David Baird

Going outside to go inside:

Grab a blanket or mat, and leave the book you're reading at home.

Now for the fun part,  choose a local park or garden, and treat yourself to a little field trip.  Once you're there settle into a quiet and peaceful space.

Like anytime you meditate feel welcome to start with a little yoga, or in this case a walk, to make sitting still more bearable.

Now, just observe.  Watch, listen, feel, use as many of your senses to take in your surroundings.  Feel free to journal anything you find interesting, inspiring, and feelings that arise during your experience here.

Bringing nature into your meditation:

Now ask yourself some questions: Where is there harmony/conflict in nature?  What lessons are being taught to me by nature?  How can I be more in sync with nature?

Meditate on these questions and observations.  Let nature guide you this week.

In closing I would like to share one final quote with you.
Be in harmony with nature, do not always swim against the tide. - David Baird


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