Friday, June 3, 2011


Anti-Tattoo is a very Western Jewish/ Christian take, as well is "body as our temple" "Mind, Body, Spirit" as separate things. A yogic view would be that the whole of creation is our temple and we re not separate from it our moloecules inside and out; therefore tatoo or not is not relevent. Tattoos date back to the earlist humans (like 5,000 year old glaicer mummy)and are widely used in a variety of current and past cultures primarily as part of religious ritual. In the West, tats have a negative conotation since Jews (and then Christians)wished to separate themselves from practices of pagan cultures. As Western sailors and others began to travel widely, tats got a negative rap due to being associated with a rough bunch of folks; but really was just a tiny reflection of a worldwide (and religious ritual) basis for most body tats (includes Hinduism). In the West, yogic appropriateness might be more tied to what and why and one's relationship with it, than the tat itself.

Thank you for your insight. I go more depth on the subject in the full article at I have a tattoo myself and think they are beautiful works of art. Especially due to the belief that the mind, body, spirit is one I was curious to know if tattoos were a hindrance to the western yogi. When choosing to tattoo is it for spiritual practice? Or vanity? Are health risks an issue? And so on and so forth. Hope to hear more from you! _/|\_ Namaste.

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