Friday, April 13, 2012

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Photo by: Juhansonin

 This week's yoga news:  Hindus Want To Take Back Yoga
Photo by: Sukanto Debnath

 Celebrate Yoga
Photo by: Carl Kerridge
If you are planning on going to a yoga festival this year for the first time, take a look a Carl's visual field guide to help get ready for your trip.  If you are unable to attend a festival his account and photographs of the festivals last year is the next best thing to actually being there!  

Live Your Yoga
Photo by: Earthlydelights
Amber's voice is absolutely infectious after reading this article you can't help but feel bold, beautiful, and empowered!

Be Creative
Embrace the Right Side of Your Brain in Life and in Business!
By: Jennifer Lee

 The Right-Brain Business Plan is such a great book!  Seriously, planning your business, life goals, or anything has never been so exciting.   The best part is Jennifer Lee helps you embrace your creativity without being hokey.  If you're not ready to commit to purchasing the book definitely sign up for her newsletter, I always look forward to it's arrival in my inbox. 

Laugh Your Asana Off!

I have Yoga Dawg to thank for this one.  After I saw Om, Inc posted on his blog I laughed so hard I cried.  This yoga parody is by far the funniest series I have ever seen!  I hope you laugh as much as I did.

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