Chair Yoga & Chair Tai Chi for Seniors

"Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success." -Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

Everyone deserves to feel their best, unfortunately, due to a variety of limitations the tools available to do so are not always accessible.  Adding a chair yoga/tai chi class to your facilities allows your residents to gain all the benefits of going to a studio or gym without the hassle.

What is Chair Yoga/Tai Chi?

Both yoga and tai chi has been shown to have great benefits for both body and mind, but as we age we often experience aches, debilitating pains, decreased range of motion, and loss of balance.  With this in mind chair yoga/tai chi programs have modified and redesigned these ancient techniques so that they can be performed with the aid of a chair. 

Each class is designed to offer maximum benefits to each and every individual, while meeting the needs of those with limited mobility, sufferers of arthritis, injuries, and those limited by medications and their side affects.

Each class incorporates: 
  • Gentle seated and standing exercises based on ability, and needs.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Guided relaxation.
What are the benefits of chair exercises?

Available On-Site Progams:

30 Minute Yoga or Tai Chi Session:

This progam is very gentle, and only includes seated postures.  Sessions are available for groups of any size, and is only limited by space capacity.

Cost:  $50 per session

60 Minute Yoga or Tai Chi Session:

This program includes both seated and chair assisted standing exercises, and is perfect for active seniors to develop an exercise routine.  Sessions are available for groups of any size, and is only limited by space capacity.

Cost: $100 per session (if classes are held more than once weekly discounts may apply.)

To schedule your classes:

Contact:  Call at (817)773-1882 or Contact me online for more information, and scheduling.

Hours:  Classes are scheduled at the convenience of your facilities, and residents.  Classes may be held any time during the day. 

Location:  I come to your facilities all you will need to do is provide space, and chairs.  Dining rooms, multipurpose rooms, lobbies,  or any other available space for the group to meet in is all that is necessary.