Yoga at Home

With private/semi private instruction you can develop a deeper relationship with your body, and experience your full potential.   

The "yoga class" is a fairly new concept, until recently yoga was taught one-on-one from master to student.  While the class setting offers many benefits we don't always get the personalized attention that we need and crave. 

Is private instruction for me?

Yes!  Each and every one of us is unique, and so are our needs and goals.

One-on-one instruction allows us to:

  • Learn yoga in a non-intimidating environment that customizes yoga to help you reach your goals.
  • Refine and deepen your yoga practice.
  • Explore more advanced practices that are rarely taught in the class setting.
  • Experience yoga at your convenience.  We are BUSY, and making time for yoga should not be another stress in our life with private lessons I come to you, when you have time!
  • Address concerns such as illness, injuries, and therapeutics.  Each and every session will be tailored to be as unique and complex as you, so that you can achieve your goals. 

Each Session Includes:

Hours and Location:

Sessions are by appointment, at your convenience, and I come to you at a location of your choosing at no additional fee.

How much should I budget for my session?

60 Minute Private/Semi Private* Lesson:

Per session:  

4 Session Package:  
$260 (total savings $20)

Weekly Sessions(minimum 8 weeks):
$480 or two payments of $240 (total savings $80)

90 Minute Private/Semi Private* Lesson:

Per Session:

4 Session Package:
$300 (total savings $20)

Weekly Sessions (minimum 8 weeks):
$560 or two payments of $280 (total savings $80)

*Semi private sessions include up to 4 participants.  For 4 or more students see our yoga party services, or contact me for more information.