Yoga With Patience

Yoga With Patience

Yoga With Patience includes a variety of different styles of yoga to suit all ages and abilities including vinyasa, Fierce Grace (hot) and family yoga. I bring the practitioner the chance to achieve the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for both mind and body. From the yoga shy or injured to the advanced yogis, my classes have something for everyone so don't worry if you haven't practised yoga before.

Each class starts with a flow based yoga that allows yogis to connect their breath to their movement, followed by static poses which help you focus and add a bit of challenge if you'd like it. After that, we do longer, relaxing poses that help with flexibility, eeking out the aches and pains of everyday life which includes sitting at a desk, driving a car and high impact sports. Expect hip openers, deep twists, upper body strengtheners and bum and ab toners. These fully rounded classes strengthen and stretch100% of the body. Each class has music to lift the mood and add to the enjoyment of the class. The practitioner will leave the class feeling stronger, relaxed and revitalised.

Come and have a try for yourself!

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Yoga At Schools

St Ethelwold's House

The setting for our Sunday classes is beautiful. Its vaulted ceilings, white walls and big windows with views over the river really add to the sense of calmness. Set in 'The Sanctuary' room, yogis regularly comment on how lovely the room is. It has a capacity of around 15 people but during the summer months, we go out into the gorgeous garden where capacity is not limited and we are surrounded by flowers and serenity. Classes are 10-11am on Sunday mornings.

Bucknell Village Hall

This hall is perfect for family yoga. A generous sized space with wooden floors and an abundance of windows makes it light and airy and a great place to relax. I burn candles and incense to add to this sensuality too. Classes are 10:30-11:30am on Saturday mornings.

My Specialism

As a yoga teacher, I pride myself on my ability to modify yoga poses to make them accessible for any injury or ability. Often people avoid yoga due to a bad knee, back, hips etc but actually yoga can help these! Whatever injury you are working with, or even if you're just really stiff, yoga can help. If this is you, let me know at the start of class and I will give you adapted versions of poses. You'll start seeing the benefits in no time.

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